Conditions Conducive to Termite Infestation

conducive-conditions-Wood to ground

There are certain things you can do in and around your structure to reduce the possibility of termite infestation. Eliminate conditions conducive to termite infestations.

1. Conditions Conducive – Wood to ground contact:

conducive-conditions-Wood to groundTermite food in direct contact with the solid is an easy meal for foraging worker termites. It is an easy path to your wood structure.

  1. Remove wood to ground contact. If you have a wooden deck and the wood step touch the ground, this is wood to ground contact.
  2. If you are bracing up a sagging floor with a stiff-knee without a concrete base that is wood to ground contact.
  3. Lumber or fire wood in contact with the structure.
  4. Store fire wood in a device desinged to keep the wood off the ground and place it away form your foundation wall. My firewood is stored a good 30 feet from my home.
  5. Do not store lumber or cardboard boxes in the crawl space!
  6. Wooden fence in contact with structure (should be a minimum 6 inch gap.)


  • Insulate the wood to ground contact with a concrete patio block or bricks so they can be treated around with a termiticide.
  • Remove any cellulose material (wood or wood by-products) from crawl space. Pick up the large pieces then rake it clean, dispose of debris in the trash for pick up.
  • Remove attached fences from structure and install a support or post at least 6 inches from building. I have seen window air-conditioners being supported by 2×4 braces attract termites, so put a patio block under the bottom of the 2×4, then treat around it. (Termidor SC)

2. Conditions Conducive – Improper ventilation in the crawl space:

Walk around you structure, do you have a ventilator in the foundation wall on every side. Improper ventilation causes moisture build up in enclosed areas. Moisture draws termites.

Some porches are not ventilated they should be on all three sides. I have seen water build up on joists under porches from ground water evaporation to the point of run-off or dripping.


  • Install vents on all four sides of the structure.
  • Install a vapor barrier (4 mil. poly sheeting) on the ground in the crawl space to eliminate ground moisture from evaporation mist rising to contact sub-flooring and flooring supports.
  • Call a plumber to fix the leaks, and
  • Divert water from draining under your structure from nearby higher grades.

3. Conditions Conducive – Water collecting in the crawl space

Moisture draws termites.

  1. Leaking plumbing pipes.
  2. Water draining down a hill (grade) and running beneath your structure pooling in the crawl space.


  • Get a plumber to fix the pipes permanently,
  • Divert down hill drainage water from running under your structure.
  • Put extensions on rain gutter exit pipes to divert rain run-off from collecting at the base of your foundation wall.

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