Termites and Home Safety Concerns of Infestations

Termites and Home Safety

Termites and Home Safety

by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

Termite damage can happen in nearly any place in your home where wood is present- since termites feed off of anything with cellulose in it. That means walls, internal wooden beams and flooring are all common infestation areas. The more the infestation grows the more unusual places termites will burrow. The further they burrow the more they jeopardize key structures in your home. The more they destabilize these structures the less safe your house becomes. You may find that you have to call some unusual people like a locksmith, flooring expert or even a kitchen remodeling company.

The goal of this article is not to give you an exhaustive list of safety concerns brought about by termite infestation, but to use a couple examples to demonstrate why you should call your local experts to come assess the damage ASAP. For your own safety and the safety of your family.

Doors – Termites and Home Safety

One such place not often thought of is the interior walls surrounding a door. This area tends to have quite a bit of wood structure to it which termites love. The further that they burrow into the supporting structures to the door the more you will notice the door becomes pliable and the lining starts falling apart. In extreme cases, the termites eat away near the locking mechanism and your door won’t stay locked anymore.

Floorboards – Termites and Home Safety

Another place that jeopardizes your safety in your own home if termites got at it is your floorboards. Usually, some part of your flooring has wood in it and whether all the layers are eaten through or not isn’t the point. The point is that even if just one layer is wood or an organic compound that has cellulose in it and termites have eaten away at it, walking on that floor can be hazardous. Until you have someone come inspect your floorboards ere on the side of caution.

The weakening of locks and any wooden structure means you should be very concerned with the safety of your house. Until you have a termite extermination expert come inspect your house you really cannot know the extent of the damage. A professionally trained expert can spot the subtle signs of an infestation and can determine how far they have gotten, and how crucial the damage is.

From floors to roofs and in between, take the time and invest in an experienced and recommended expert to inspect your home for the extent of termite damage. This is not a time for guesswork or the local handyman, this is the time for the pros.

Termites and Home Safety“,  by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

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