Termite Swarm

Termite Swarm in living room
Termite Swarm in living room


PCT Pest Control Technology Magazine did a lengthy study to determine termite swarm dates. The study was thorough and uncovered some interesting facts. The focus of the investigation was, what were the determining factors that encouraged a termite swarm? It has long been thought that a combination of temperature and precipitation were strongly connected, now we have proof that it’s true.

Species Termite Swarm Seasons

According to PCT Magazine

  • Subterranean Termites swarm in late Winter to early Spring.
  • Formosan Termites early May
  • Drywood Termites Late Spring to early Summer
  • Dampwood Termites in the Fall

There are, as you can see, overlaps with the swarming of different species of termites. Paul Hardy of Rollins Orkin Technical Team summed it up this way. “Termites are going to swarm with-in a few days of when they swarmed last year, – if it rains.”

If you see a swarm of termites inside your home, you most likely have a problem. It’s just like looking up at your ceiling and seeing water dripping. aHa!! You most likely have a damaged roof or leaky pipe. Seeing a swarm of termites in your home, it’s obvious you have a problem.

Contact a Termite Company right away and have them take a look. Or visit the DIY Termite Treatment section of this site and read about Do it Yourself Termite treatments that use the same products professional exterminating companies use. As Pest MD – DIY Pest Control Tips and Strategies says, ” If you can mow your own lawn or wash your own car you can a do it yourself termite treatment. Visit PestMD for a Step-by-Step DIY Termite Treatment Guide to doing a liquid treatment using Termidor SC, and How to Install and Maintain an Advance Termite Bait System. Read through these helpful articles if you are strapped for cash because hiring an exterminator can be costly.

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