4 Termite Prevention Strategies for your HVAC

Termite Prevention

4 Termite Prevention Strategies for your HVAC

by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

CANADA, Northern US — Termites are a threat to any structure in your home that has cellulose in it. In normal terms, termites can eat anything that has plant fiber in it. This means that wood is not the only thing you should be checking for signs of termite damage. Things like fabric, insulation, floor tiles and even parts of your heating and cooling system might have termite damage in it.

Termite Prevention

If termites begin infesting components of your HVAC system you are in some deep trouble, and it will be a major air conditioner repair job to fix. Infesting your HVAC system makes it very easy for termites to move through your house and latch onto anything in their path they choose. It essentially becomes a shotgun that sprays the pests throughout your home. Giving them free range and access is not something you want to happen.

The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to pest-proof your HVAC system when you first move in, but better late than never. Here are 4 tips on Termite Prevention.

1. Sealing Ducts

The number one thing that you can do to prevent termite infestation in your HVAC system is to make sure your system is tightly closed off. This means going around and filling in any cracks, gaps and connecting any disconnected ducts. If termites get in without you knowing this will be one of the main avenues.

2. Vent Covers

Vents should always have covers, they were specially designed to keep pests out but especially on exterior vents. This just makes sense, not only will it prevent one way for termites to enter your home, but other pests as well.

3. Clean Up Outdoors

If your HVAC unit has any parts outside, make sure you keep the area surrounding them clean and free of vegetation. This includes grass, weeds, bushes and anything else that termites and other pests can hide in. If you are not happy with the look of your HVAC unit outside your home, there are plenty of concealment ideas out there that don’t involve bushes!

4. Quarterly Treatments

If you are concerned about other insects as well as termites you might be interested in having regular pest control treatments done. Many pest control companies offer this service that includes inspections and preventative treatments in the form of applying sprays or traps. Many of these plans are very reasonably priced, and if you are in a high-risk area the investment will pay for itself by helping you avoid any major infestations.

“Pests”, including termites are everywhere, after all, they were here first. So while we can’t live in a bubble, we can certainly take measures to keep them out of our homes and prevent costly damage.

“Termite Prevention”,  by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

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