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Termite MD working Picture Gallery. Here are working pictures of termites, termite tubes, termite swarmers and termite damage. These pictures will enable you to identify signs of termites when you do a termite inspection on your home.If you are a termite inspector and want your name in lights, so to speak, send in your termite related pictures with a caption and company name and I’ll link back to your company website in exchange. Unfortunately there were no camera phones when I was the busiest under houses. Now everyone seems to have a camera in their pocket. Come on send in your pictures of termites and get some recognition for your company and yourself. e-mail your pictures with a caption and your name and company name, to mike[at] Homeowners can do it too.
pictures of termites - tunnelsThis termite tunnel was hanging under a church in Bibb City, GA. Termites were infesting the support sill and trying to get their tunnel to hang down and connect to the soil. This would save them time when trudging back and forth delivering food to the colony. Pictures of Termites swarmingSometimes when you open a suspect piece of wood with your termite probing tool (Screw-driver), you will expose workers and swarmers. Swarmers are secondary queens and help the queen produce eggs until they eventually leave the colony to start their own colonies.
pictures of termites - tunnelLook closely and you will see a termite tube run up the foundation wall between the brick and the blocks. This is a direct highway between the nest in the ground and the food source which is the lumber in your house. pictures of termites tubeThis massive termite structure at the base of this brick pilaster with a tube leading into a break in the bricks has allowed termites to feed undetected for many years. This termite tunnel would have been found earlier had this homeowner had annual termite inspections.

Eifs, sythetic stucco
Termite damaged synthetic stucco, EIFS.

Termite in a dead tree
A dead plum tree in my back yard was full of termites, as I discovered when I cut it down.
This next series of pictures is interesting as you will see Formosan termite damage and their nest inside the wall.

formosan infestation
We were called to Opelika, AL to look at had the Formosan termite species identified by Dr. Ping, a respected Entomologist at near-by Auburn University. At first it didn’t look too bad.

Formosan termite damage
Not much to see until after removing the outer trim of this heating unit,then we could see a lot of Formosan termite activity and what appeared to be a Formosan carton.

Formosan termite damage
Not much to see until after removing the outer trim of this heating unit,then we could see a lot of Formosan termite activity and what appeared to be a Formosan carton.

Formosan termite damage
These are parts of the carton as it came out. It was working alive with Formosan termites. We eventually brought out two Husky trash bags full of carton material.

Formosan termite tunnels/trails
These huge dirt termite tunnels stick out away from the wall about an inch to over 4 inches. Formosan termite colonies are much bigger than regular subterranean termite colonies and this is a prime example of how large their colonies can get.

Formosan project
If there are so many Formosan termites in this house, just imagine how many Formosans there are underground inside their colony nest. Up to ten times more than a common subterranean colony.
Jimmy Burton, a local termite inspector took these pictures of termites and termite damage.

COmmon termite tube
This is a giant termite tube connecting the food source (the wood in your house) with the termite colony in the ground. Needs treatment. *Photo by Jimmy Burton

Many termite tubes
Termites are trying to connect the food source and the termite colony to shorten their journey back and forth. Needs treatment. *Photo by Jimmy Burton,
Extreem termite infestation
This home is suffering severe termite damage and will need repairs made to the substructure and a termite treatment. *Photo by Jimmy Burton

Pictures of termites can help differentiate between ant and termites and even other insects.

Termite tubes wrapped around duct work
Termites can make their dirt tubes stick to metal as you can see. *Photo by Jimmy Burton,

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