Termite Inspection Report in California

Termite Inspection Report

What To Look For In A Termite Inspection Report

By Sarah Snyder-Castañeda, Fresno-based Dustin Pest Control specializes in termite control and inspections throughout California’s Central Valley.

Termite Inspection Report Termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage each year. Whether you’re purchasing a new home or want a regular review of your existing home, termite inspections are a very necessary tool for protecting your investment, as termite damage costs U.S homeowners $2 billion in repairs a year. Here are a few things to keep in mind once you have a pest control company agree to visit your home for a termite inspection report.

Termite Inspection Report Basics

Typically a 30- to 45-minute process, termite inspections are visual inspections of your home for the four main termite types – subterranean (the most common in the U.S.), dampwood, drywood,  and Formosan. In addition to ensuring you receive a termite inspection when purchasing a new home, we recommend that you receive annual termite inspections.

Homebuyer Considerations

It’s important not to assume your standard home inspection includes a termite inspection. It’s also important to find a pest control company that is licensed in the state where the property is located. The termite inspection should cover anything that could possibly be a problem, even if it isn’t a problem currently. The inspection should also cover surrounding areas of the home such as the garage.

After The Termite Inspection

Once the termite professional is finished inspecting your home, you will receive a walk-through of any issues that need to be addressed. A final termite inspection report should also be provided. If you are buying selling a home, be sure you get a copy of the final certificate that confirms your home is termite-free. Once you’ve passed the termite inspection – congratulations, you’re home free! In order to stay out of the woods be sure to practice termite prevention to stay termite-free.

Dustin Pest Control has been working with realtors and homeowners in the Central Valley with their termite and pest control needs for over 50 years. Bob Dustin started working for City Termite in Los Angeles in 1956 out of high school and then came back to Fresno to work for Paramount Pest Control from 1960 to 1973. He opened D&D Pest Control with partner George Dickenson in 1973 until 1980, when they split and Mr. Dustin opened business under his own name. Now semi-retired, Mr. Dustin has handed the day-to-day operations to Terri Bacchetti, secretary and office manager for Dustin Pest Control since 1973. Call us for more information on how our company can help you with your termite and pest control needs.

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