Insight Termite Info-graphic

Termite InsightEverything about Termites in a 3 minute graphic presentation. You can read and look through this info-graphic in less than 3 minutes or take your time and enjoy the beauty of knowledge. Gain insight and understanding about termites; like how they live, how the colony works, and what the Queen does.

Authored  by Adam Villareal of Insight Pest Solutions, and a veteran pest control operator. His design of this presentation was meant to give a quick visual explanation of actual termite facts. In honor of the recent Termite Awareness week, dam felt the need to set the record straight. With myths, exaggerations and half truths floating around, a quick glance through can make a difference in termites fact or fiction.

Adam’s info-graphic is beautifully designed, innovative, informative and accurate. His practical termite knowledge is matched nicely by his professional graphic talent. I look forward to publishing more of Adam Villarreal’s work here on TermiteMD and PestMD. Click this link below and see everything you ever wanted to know about termites.

Everything A Homeowner Needs To Know About Termites.

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