Termite Facts Things you should know

Termite Facts

Termite facts you should know

Things you should know about termites

by: Christine Rudolph and Sheerin Jafri, Guest contributors

Did you know these termite facts?  It’s not just us who are affected by termite damage; termites and wood have been in a relationship since centuries.  Considering their wood munching and destructive nature, it is hard to believe they can be beneficial too. Yes, you heard this right. Termites have a bigger purpose in life than just infesting our homes and chew every piece of wood they come in contact with. Termites are sometimes considered to serve beneficial purposes to people and earth. There are many shocking termite facts about these tiny yet destructive species that are not commonly known to us.

However gross this information may sound, these facts will enable you to understand the nature of these silent destroyers. Let’s get to know about how painful these apparently small and harmless species can turn out to be.

Home diggers: Termite Facts

Ok, this may sound scary but termites can literally break down your house and dig deep into the core of your home. They will not just stop chomping wood, not just even for a second and leave all of your wood belongings entirely hollow. Keeping in mind their keeping-it-silent nature, you will not be able to know about a termite infestation until the destruction caused by them gets really bad.

Quick tip: Keep a check on your decks, patio and fences to identify signs of a possible termite infestation. If you see signs of damage then this is the time when you can consult a professional pest controller to see the extent of the problem and rid you before it grows into a monster.

Blind Eating: Termite Facts

The worker and soldier termite ants which do most of the work are blind. So they don’t really need eyes to wreak havoc. They can blindly destroy anything that comes in their way, so it’s not just wood they feed on.  This is the reason when a property is badly infected by termites; we don’t just see damaged wood but wires and other things too.

Hard to fight: Termite Facts

It is said that there are more termites on earth than humans. Almost 2, 700 known species of termites walk around the world. Out of these, subterranean, Formosan, dry wood, damp wood, and cone head termites are commonly found in most parts of the world.  Given that a queen termite can lay up to 30,000 eggs each day, this makes them even harder to control, once they start building their empire in your home. It has been estimated that almost around $5 billion every year are spent on termite damage.  The Formosan termites alone are known to cost about $1 billion in property damage.

They Never Stop: Termite Facts

Don’t judge a termite’s appetite by their size. They have a voracious appetite for wood and anything with cellulose. If they are not treated on time, they are capable of causing massive damage and will continue to feed on wood till the point where nothing but a shell or wood flakes.

Termites are considered a nuisance in almost all parts of the world. Causing billions in damage, a termite problem is one that should only be treated by professionals. The more colonies they build within your property, the harder it will get to exterminate them. Hope you enjoyed termite facts.

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  1. Just like every disease has a symptom which is an indication that we need to see a doctor, is there anything like such which could be an indication that our house has been infected with termites and we need to see a pest control service provider?

    • See my article on Termite Inspection, There are may things to look for if you suspect you have Termites. If you can’t find anything after doing the inspection, you may have overlooked something. If you would then feel comfortable have a pest professional look at it go ahead.


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