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TermiteMD is the most recognized and trusted brand of Termite and Pest Control information and the leading provider of termite control information services, serving consumers, termite technicians, pest professionals, and employers through our public and private online portals and Jarrod’s Do it Yourself Wildlife and Pest Control Super Center store in Columbus, Ga. The PestMD Pest Network includes PestMD.net, JarrodsPestControl.com, JarrodsPestProducts.com and JarrodsPestControlSupplies.com.  Our consumer portals provide engaging, relevant and credible pest control and termite control information, and access to online pest control communities.

Termite MD – presents A Homeowner Guide to Termite Control – Get in depth information on termite control, including how to deal with a Termite Company and doing your own termite treatment.

Termite soldier and worker termite control

Find Termite control information about identifying termites, basic instructions on doing a termite inspection and how to do a termite treatment including treating your home yourself. That’s right, DIY Termite Control getting professional results using the same professional termite products the pros use. You’ll need a funnel, a matox (hoe) a five gallon bucket and the correct amount of Termidor SC.

Termite Control is sometimes needed, in some areas more than others, because termites are more than a nuisance, termites can cause costly structure damage, therefore; termite control information is important to homeowners wanting to prevent termites or those facing an active termite infestation or a business owner trying to make the right decision about which termite control treatment is right and is the best value for his/her structure and pocket book. You’ll find pictures of termites to help you identify which kind of termites you have; subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites or damp wood termites.

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