drywood termites
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Drywood Termites Battle Plan

June 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Drywood Termites can cause damage too by Terri Bacchetti of Dustin Pest Control specializes in pest control in Fresno, California. Twitter, Facebook, Summer with its sunny days is the perfect time to go to the […]

Termite Facts - Things you should know
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Termite Facts: Things you should know

August 30, 2015 Guest Author 1

We all agree that termites are something we don’t want in our homes. Termites in your home causes Billions in damage repairs. You should know these things about termites. […]

DIY Liquid Termidor Treatment
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DIY Termidor SC Termite Treatment

February 21, 2014 Mike Dukes 32

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve professional results when you do a chemical “do it yourself termite treatment” using professional pest control products, same as the pros use. […]

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