Tengard SFR termite treatments
Product Reviews

Tengard SFR – Product Review

April 21, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

Tengard SFR is perfect for treating monolithic slabs, on-grade slabs and solid support peirs. Many back yard buildings are built with these foundations. […]

Termidor SC
Product Reviews

Termidor SC – Product Review

April 11, 2014 Mike Dukes 3

Termidor SC is the clear choice, when only the best will do. Eliminates termites, outside ants. Termidor is the new standard in Termite and Ant control world-wide. […]

DIY Liquid Termidor Treatment
Termite News

DIY Termidor SC Termite Treatment

February 21, 2014 Mike Dukes 32

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve professional results when you do a chemical “do it yourself termite treatment” using professional pest control products, same as the pros use. […]

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