Termidor SC – Product Review

Termidor SC
Termidor SC

Termidor SC is the clear choice, for termite or ant treatment, when only the best will do. Termidor is the new standard in Termite and Ant control world-wide. Since 1982 I have been involved with termite control and I remain involved today. Products come and go. Some are better than others. I plan to give you my take of the effectiveness and longevity of the termite treatment products I review. My opinion isn’t the final word by any means, but trying new things and then having years to measure the results, is worth passing along to my US neighbors.


Termidor – Product Review

I remember when Chlordane was banned for use, I thought termite control would suffer, and I was right. There was a time for experimenting with all the new products that cam to take Chlordane’s place. Dursban TC had some fair results, but stunk to high-heaven, so we got a lot of complaints about odor. They did come out with Dursban LO (low odor) which helped a little, but the odor was still strong enough to generate customer complaints. Using Dursban our call-backs rose to about 26%. Then came Premise, around 1996, it was the first non-repellent and it had practically no smell. Odor complaints went down but we still termites re-infested homes after treatment. I put a pencil to it and decided that of every 100 termite treatments we did around 24% we being re-infested. This was an experimental time in termite control, so we can’t blame it all on Premise (Imidacloprid) . During the year 2000 we had the biggest break-though in the history of termite control. With the introduction of odorless Termidor (Fipronil) call backs dropped to ZERO!! It wasn’t a strong chemical, very low toxicity, it was the mode of operation, or how it worked that made the difference. Termidor wasn’t used by every termite company at first because of the cost, but as the price of bringing it to the market gradually went down, more companies came on board and it is now the most popular product for termite control in America.  Termidor comes in many formulations, and can be used for pest other than termites.

Here is what the manufacturer BASF says about Termidor.

General Information

Texas Department of Agriculture Pesticide Section 18 Quarantine Exemption Notice for Termidor on Crazy Ants in Texas

When applied to the exterior perimeter foundation or outside entry points of a structure, Termidor targets these perimeter pests as they travel over the treated surfaces. And now, Termidor applied into wall voids with a foam application can provide enhanced perimeter pest control. Regardless of which application method you use, Termidor controls pests in multiple ways for superior efficacy: direct ingestion, spray contact, and foraging and/or trailing over treated surfaces.

Termidor has low water solubility, low odor, and won’t damage water-safe surfaces. Its easy-to-use formulation is suitable for all low-pressure power, backpack, hand-held sprayers and foamers. Best of all, Termidor significantly reduces nuisance ant and general pest callbacks.

The new Termidor WG and SC labels may not be approved in all states

Termidor is now labeled to treat the following pests:

  • Ants (acrobat, Argentine, big-headed, carpenter, crazy, odorous, pavement, pharaoh, thief)
  • Asian lady and darkling beetles
  • Box-elder bugs
  • Pillbugs
  • Centipedes
  • Cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, smokey brown)
  • House crickets European earwigs Cluster flies
  • Millipedes Silverfish Spiders (black widow, brown recluse, hobo, cellar)
  • Brown dog ticks
  • Paper wasps
  • Yellow jackets

Follow label directions for exterior perimeter pest control.

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3 Comments on Termidor SC – Product Review

  1. I’am a pest control service provider for almost two decades here in the Philippines.
    The authors observation and experience with termidor is very convincing to a reader.
    Unfortunately before I read this post I already bought Termidor dust from a supplier here in the Philippines,beacause of a very convincing product endorsment by BASF about their product and knowing BASF products for a long time I am convinced that this termidor will really work, so I tested it to a termite infested cabinet of my own sister and also to the plant site of a multinational client.
    Result: After several application of Termidor dust to the cabinet, the cabinet was gone and the termites still thrives. Its also the case on my multinational client where several applications did not eliminate the termites thus giving me a bad reputation to that client, and just to avoid being black listed to that big client I offered to re treat the whole facility with conventional soil and structural treatment for free.
    I hope I the BASF people will read this post and email me a reply.
    Dr. Abel Gallardo
    Good Earth Sales & Services
    Balanga City Bataan

    • Termidor Dust is meant for a spot treatment, but usually won’t get rid of an entire communuty. First treat the entire structure with Termidor SC, then if you like you can treat furniture and cabinets with Termidor Dust. Personally I think the Dust can never take the place of a full Termidor SC termite treatment. Termidor Foam and Dust was meant to augment the full treatment. Don’t take any short cuts when dealing with termites. Read the entire label on Termidor Dust to see what I mean.


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