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Real Estate Home Inspection and Termite Clearance Letters

image heralding real-estate-home inspectionHome Inspection is commonly referred to as a Realty Termite Inspection, Termite Letter, Real Estate Report or Clearance Letter. Every states seems to have a different name for it, but most states are looking for the same wood destroying organisms. The inspection usually carries a charge when an official home inspection report is issued. The report is sometimes required by Your Mortgage Company and your Purchaser will receive a copy of this report. The Report States:

  • Whether or not a WDO (wood destroying organism) infestation was found,
  • What control measures would be required to eradicate the infestation, (if any)
  • Did the home have a previous infestation of termites or other wood destroying organisms. This needs to match up with your disclosure statement.
  • Whether or not the home is under any type of renewable guarantee with the inspecting Termite Company
  • And other important information

This is an important inspection and it should not be taken lightly. Most mortgage companies require your property be inspected with-in 30 days prior to your closing in most states. Order your termite letter with-in the 30 day window of your closing. If your closing is delayed you may have to get another Wood Infestation Report. Ask if your company charges for that second letter. It’s OK if they do, but you may want to know.

Current Termite Guarantees may be transferable

Inform your Realtor if you have a current Termite Guarantee on your home. When your termite company does the home inspection and report your current Termite Contract can usually be transferred to the buyer. Making the inspection and handling the paper work for the closing allows your termite company to change the guarantee into the new homeowners name. Your termite company would be able to provide the new owner your home’s treatment history and work orders for any re-treatments. Most importantly if you use your own company should termites be found during inspection, your termite company would treat the infestation as part of your normal guarantee at no additional charge. A Termite Company you are not under contract with would charge you to perform corrective treatment.

If you don’t have a Termite Company you’ll need to call a reputable one or depend on suggestions by your realtor, realtors usually know someone they like to work with or trust. Some Termite Companies do free inspections including the written report, others charge a fee. Both will most likely send a qualified inspector to do the home inspection and make out the report. Just get a price before the inspection begins.

Schedule the Realty Inspection

When you call a Termite Company to schedule the “Official Wood Infestation Report”, or Realty Inspection, or Termite Letter, you should have the following information ready.

Your name, phone number, Who you represent, the seller or the buyer.

  • Address of the property.
  • State whether or not the property is occupied.
  • Give appropriate phone numbers for the arrangement of the inspection.
  • State whether or not the home is under any type of renewable guarantee.
  • Give the name and phone numbers of contact person should there be a problem.
  • Let the Termite Company know where to deliver the letter, or you can pick it up when the inspection is done and the report is ready.

The Realty Inspection

Make your property available for home inspection. The interior of the home and all rooms must be made available to the inspector. The crawl space door will need to be unlocked. The inspector will be looking for:

(A). Any of the 5 Wood Destroying Organisms Subterranean Termites

  1. Subterranean Termites,
  2. Dry wood Termites,
  3. Powder Post Beetles,
  4. Wood Borer Beetles,
  5. Wood Decay Fungus

(B). Any of the 3 Conditions Conducive to Infestation. Wood to Ground Contact,

  1. Cellulose Debris in the crawl space,
  2. Wood to ground contact
  3. Insufficient ventilation in the crawl space.

(C). Home Inspection facts and tips:

  • If a problem is found a solution will be offered.
  • A graph drawing detailing the problem will be provided.
  • A written proposal to correct the problem should be made available.
  • Price to cure estimate should be left with you for your consideration.

You can compare these figures with the other bids you get.

Some Termite Companies will allow the charges to be paid at the closing.

If problems are found

If your home has an active infestation of a wood destroying organism it must be treated and any damage repaired before you close the sale. Make sure these problems are handled. You will most likely find yourself in court if you knowingly pass along a problem.

Only written bids or Estimates should be considered. Only reputable Termite Companies will leave you one. If a Termite Inspector is sure of what he or she has found they won’t mind putting it on paper for all to see. (Keep this in mind)

Whenever a Previous infestation is found, you must assume some degree of damage was done. Usually a Licensed General Contractor, or someone acceptable to your mortgage company, checks to see if replacement or repairs are needed.

Home buyer tip

The relationship you start with a Termite Company will most likely be a long one. Even as the buyer of a home you can have some input as to which Termite Company treats the home you are buying. If you’re not satisfied with the Termite Company selected by the seller, simply get an estimate from the company you select and pay the difference in treating price and, get the Company you prefer.

Remember, the homeowners are trying to sell the home and spend as little as possible on needed termite work. Dirt cheap termite jobs with little or no guarantee can be yours if you’re not paying attention.

Here is an article full of helpful tips on getting your home ready for the home inspection. It also tells you from a real-estate brokers perspective just what you might expect during your inspection. Be sure to visit the RE MAX Real-estate website about Termite Letters.

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