Natural Termite Remedies -Getting rid of Termites

Natural Termite Remedies

Some Natural Termite Remedies may be worth Trying, your call

by Stephen Roshy of Lawn Care Company of St. Louis, MO.

Termites are small creatures but they can cause significant damage. The worst thing about this invisible to the naked eye creatures is that they act silently. They might be living and thriving in your home while you remain clueless of their existence. By the time the damage is seen it is usually too late and your furniture or other property would have suffered a huge blow. So what are the steps that can be taken to shush away these unwelcomed guests? There are both natural and chemical ways of getting rid of termites and here we will discuss the natural ones. Let’s take a look at some Natural Termite Remedies

Beneficial Nematodes

When you opt for a natural route of getting rid of employees, you would need to get your hands on beneficial nematodes. Nematodes are unsegmented worms that are used to kill pests like termites. Their mechanism of action is that they burrow themselves into the hosts, in this case termite larvae, and become the cause of their death. Beneficial nematodes can be easily purchased from garden supply stores or online. They are even available on amazon. There are five main varieties of nematodes to choose from.

Cardboard Trap

A cardboard trap is also a great way to get rid of termites naturally. Cardboard contains cellulose, which is something that termites feed on. For setting a trap for the termites spray the cardboard to make the smell distinct and place the trap near the termite infested area. The termites will get attracted to the cardboard and you can then burn off the piece to get rid of them forever. Another one of Natural Termite Remedies.

Sunlight Exposure

Termites die when they are exposed to sunlight or heat. If your furniture has been infested by termites, find a way of getting out of the house and into the sun. The rays of the sun are capable of driving the termites away from the infected furniture.

Preventive Measures

A preventive tactic of eliminating termites from your home is to make sure that they do not get anything to feed on or get conditions that they thrive in. This prevention is better than cure strategy involves getting rid of the damp wood around your house and clearing any bushes to expose termite vulnerable areas to sunlight. Also check for any water leaks as any sort of moisture near wood can also attract these frisky little creatures.

Kill Termites using Boric Acid

Boric acid can also be used to get rid of termites. In fact, boric acid is one of the active ingredients found in many termite repellents you’d buy from the stores. The way boric acid works is that it shuts down the nervous systems of termites and dehydrates them.

Heat Fumigation

As mentioned before, termites die from heat. Therefore, heat fumigation is an effective way of getting rid of them. By subjecting termites to temperatures above 120°F for more than 30 minutes, you can end up killing all of them. However, you might want to consult a professional service for heat fumigation to avoid risks. Now you have a choice of Natural Termite Remedies.

Author Bio: Stephen Roshy is an experienced Lawn Care Company St Louis Mo, turned freelance writer. He worked with several reputable pest control companies in the past, but now wants to share her knowledge with others and help them prevent pest infestations.

editor’s note: At Termite MD, We suggest, if you have termites the best way to get rid of them is to call an exterminator. If you don’t have the money, you can try it yourself with professional products  As a last resort, you may try these remedies suggested above.

by Stephen Roshy of Lawn Care Company of St. Louis, MO.

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