Kitchen Termite Damage – Termites in my Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Termite Damage

Kitchen Termite Damage

by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

CANADA. — If you’ve unfortunately had a termite infestation- hopefully, you are at least fortunate enough to not have it be invasive to the point where the integral structure of your home is at stake. Once you’ve eliminated the possibility of structural damage and are left with repairs you will be pleased to learn that you can repair most non-invasive and even moderately invasive termite damage yourself. In the kitchen, the most common places you may have Kitchen Termite Damage and need repairs are your wooden cabinets. You may be unable to salvage your current cabinets if there is invasive damage to them, but if you really love the look of them you can call a kitchen design company to see if they have repair technicians, or maybe you are ready to take the plunge and do a kitchen renovation!

Common Termite Infestation Paths

Before you go ahead and start repairing your kitchen cabinets or any other area of the house, treat your home or have it treated to stop the termites, then, you should make sure the damage is only at a surface level. Using the kitchen as an example, termites infest kitchen cabinets from a crack in the wall or come up through the flooring. It’s critical that you investigate these areas to make sure the damage is not more invasive than it looks. If the damage is more invasive than it looks repairing the surface will not fix the problem, you may need professional help.

Repairing Kitchen Termite Damage

Once you are sure of the extent of the damage, and that the infestation is gone, you can move on to repairing the damage. For this you essentially will end up doing one of two things;

1) If the damage is only at the surface level then you can salvage the current cabinets by simply applying a wood hardener and sealant before continuing with any special wooden finishes or paint to hide any lingering marks.

2) If the damage does go slightly deeper into the surface you will either have to fully replace at least the front part of the cabinet or carve out the dead wood and sand it down before applying the hardener or sealant. Whether you can salvage the wood or not depends on how deep you would have to dig to fully take out all the dead wood.

MR. KitchenIf a termite infestation is caught and treated early, most of the damage can be repaired without major expense. The key is if you live in an area with high termite pressure, is to know the signs of termite infestations and call in a professional as soon as possible. How quickly you catch and treat it can be the difference between a “simple” treatment, and a pricey renovation!

“Kitchen Termite Damage”,  by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

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