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Subterranean Termite Control is explored in this PestMD Pest Control Network site. Do-it-Yourself articles covering wood destroying organisms in the deep south. Other states have subterranean termites, but not many get the chance to become as experienced as the Termite Companies and Termite Techs in the Heart of Dixie. Florida, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas. termite Companies in these States are dealing with Termites everyday and sometimes 7-10 or more times a day. The knowledge we’ve accumulated and the tricks and tips are yours for the taking. Turn the pages of TermiteMD.com. 

If your interested in doing regular DIY Pest Control visit our DIY Pest Control Magazine site PESTMD.net Termite MD is a member of the PestMD Pest Control Network and has been providing expert termite control advice and services to homeowners and businesses since 1999.

Pest MD is the most recognized and trusted brand of Pest and Termite Control information and the leading provider of pest control information services, serving consumers, pest technicians, pest professionals, and employers through our public and private online portals such as PestMD.net and Termite MD.com, JarrodsPestProducts.com, JarrodsPestControlSupplies.com and Jarrod’s Do it Yourself Wildlife and Pest Control Super Center store in Columbus, Ga.

The PestMD Pest Network includes Termite MD.com, JarrodsPestControl.com, JarrodsPestProducts.com,  and JarrodsPestControlSupplies.com.  Our consumer portals provide engaging, relevant and credible pest control and termite control information, and access to online pest control communities.

Termite MD – presents A Homeowner Guide to Termite Control – Get in depth information on termite control, including how to deal with a Termite Company and doing your own termite treatment.

Find Termite control information including identifying termites, basic instructions on doing a termite inspection and how to do a termite treatment including treating your home yourself. That’s right, DIY Termite Control getting professional results using the same professional termite products the pros use. You’ll need a funnel, a matox (hoe) a five gallon bucket and the correct amount of Termidor SC.

Termite Control is sometimes needed, in some areas more than others, because termites are more than a nuisance, termites can cause costly structure damage, therefore; termite control information is important to homeowners wanting to prevent termites or those facing an active termite infestation or a business owner trying to make the right decision about which termite control treatment is right and is the best value for his/her structure and pocket book. You’ll find pictures of termites to help you identify which kind of termites you have; subterranean termites, Formosan termites, dry wood termites or damp wood termites.

Termite MD was founded in 1999 by Mike Dukes. I’m not a doctor, ‘the MD’ is simply a play on my name’s initials, but I do know termites. I was the Director of Termite Operations Sales and Service, for a 14 million dollar a year Pest Control Company doing business in Georgia, Alabama and Florida. I am certified in Wood Destroying Organisms in both Georgia and Alabama.

I’ve dealt with homeowner’s Termite related problems on a daily basis since 1982. I understand there are many people who don’t understand the process of getting their structure treated and this lack of understanding can end up costing you extra money because you don’t know all your options. After all, termite treatment is something that most of you will only experience one or two times in a life time.

I started the site in 1999 to help homeowners deal with subterranean termites in their homes with a plain talk approach. Since way back then the site has evolved to what it is today. I have great plans for future development and new features. The next time you need me I’ll be here, the Good Lord willing.

After you discover your structure is infested with termites most people get in a big hurry and unfortunately some take the first termite treatment offered and maybe haggle with the price until they think they’ve have done their part. I wanted to equip home and business owners with some basic knowledge to help them make good decisions about termite treatments so Termite MD was born. Price is not the only thing you need to haggle over.

My goal is to help homeowners make an informed decision about;

  • Discovering and Dealing with termites in your structures,
  • Where to find termites, to confirm you have them.
  • Termite treatment options, (there’s more than one way to skin the cat)
  • Termite guarantees, (not all cover future damage)
  • Selecting a treatment that will meet your needs (Discuss treatment types)
  • Or Do It Yourself termite treatment and Save money. (I’ll walk you trough it step-by-step) Most people who wash their own car or do their own lawn can do it.)

I have tried to make this web site informal, full of useful information, quick and to the point; saving you time from digging through reams of technical material and visits to dozens of web sites.

Each page on Termite MD has a comment section and I would sincerely like to hear from my readers. Got questions? Want to tell your Termite story? Fire away I usually get back to you within a day or so.

If you have questions please call our toll free line [1-706-563-9521] from 8:30 AM till 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, all times eastern. My staff or I will be happy to answer all of your questions and provide additional information. We are experts in termite and pest control.

Pest MD logoMany of you have pests you’d like to get rid of other than Termites so I have recently published html://PestMD.net Please visit, I talk about DIY Pest Control using the same professional pest control products the pros use. Instructional insight on Do it Yourself Pest Control.

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