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Homeowner Insurance

Homeowner Insurance

Termite Damage Insurance Coverage

Who do you call when you’ve discovered that termites have gnawed their way through your attic and you need a new roof?

Probably not your insurance agent.

Most pest infestations and accompanying damage are considered maintenance issues by insurance carriers. In other words, the insurance company’s position is that you could have prevented the mishap by eradicating the pesky bugs before they ate you out of house and home.  According to Bankrate.com

As a termite inspector I’ve found termite damage during inspections. Most homeowners say, “I’ll check with my homeowner insurance carrier to see if they will cover it”. This is a common reaction. Termite or structural damage would have to be corrected during a real estate transaction. Because I was also a structural inspector that evaluated damage I was sometimes involved in giving a cost to cure, or repair the damage. But in no case was the damage paid for by the customers Homeowner Insurance.

According to M.C. Postins, and MSN Money.  “Some policies will call it wood-destroying insect damage. The reason is simple. Insurance companies think termites are preventable, which means your insurer considers it a maintenance issue. Most policies, as a rule, don’t cover things that are considered maintenance issues and are more likely to cover damage that is considered accidental.

This holds true for water leak damage too. I’ve done structural inspections and Termite Clearance Letter inspection in Georgia and Alabama since 1983 and I’ve found plenty of damaged sub-structure due to a leaky plumbing pipe or maybe a shower pan. A leak and subsequent damage could be prevented says most insurers, no settlement is offered.

Get Termite Insurance Coverage

When you have your home treated for the prevention of or the elimination of an infestation of subterranean termites you’ll receive a termite bond and a termite inspection each year to prevent further infestations and damage. If your home is re-infested after treatment you can seek restitution from your termite company. so sice home insurance doesn’t cover termite damage, do something in advance of this problem to CYA.

Eliminating as many “Conditions Conducive to Termite Infestation” and Having a termite inspection at least once per year can save you money in the long run. You may find termites or even a water leak and get treatment or repairs before the damage is substantial. Of course the best insurance against termite damage is to have your structure treated or treat it yourself.

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