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New Tree Termites in Florida

Tree Termite -Well that’s all we needed. We already had termites attacking our structures, now they are after our trees too? Here is what we know so far.

According to Florida Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
CHARLES H. BRONSON, Commissioner

Cone Head or Tree Termite
Cone Head or Tree Termite

Now the search is on to finally eradicate all colonies. The State of Florida is going to help Florida residents, so pay close attention.

Property Owner Permission Needed to Treat
All owners of properties found to be infested with Nasutitermes costalis will be contacted and informed of the eradication efforts being made for this pest. The owner will be asked to sign a form consenting to the treatments of the nests on their property.

The treatment will be performed at no cost to the property owner and will help avoid costly structural damage to buildings.

tree termites nest
Tree Termites Nest

Two chemical products have been identified that will kill the colony. Termidor – fipronil and Premise – imidacloprid .

Help Us Locate Infestations

If you notice a tree termite infestation, Submit Cone head termite for identification. Community help is needed to locate and destroy all infestations of tree termites, Nasutitermes costalis.

  • Notice any dirt tails up tree trunks.
  • Notice a dirt nest protruding from or resting in branches or frawns.
  • Take a picture and email it to the email address link below.

Submit cone head, tree termite pictures for Identification –

Think you found a cone head termite or tree termites? Email a photo for identification. Please include your contact information in the email body.

Termite Control Arizona has more interesting information on this termite. Nasutitermes costalis may not be limited to Florida.

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