Facts About Termites – Where do the different species live?


General Facts About Termites

“No one knows what a termite does for fun, but everyone knows what a termite does when it goes to work.”

The Good About Termites — Termites feed on wood and wood by-products. They go about their daily routine doing the work they were created to do – finding wood to eat and water to drink to enable the termite colony to survive. Termite food sources are readily available on planet earth. The forest is full of dead trees, roots in the ground from cleared land, stacks of firewood, the back porch steps, are all good sources of food for termites. Termites are content in their world eating and drinking and surviving. Termites are an important part of earth’s ecosystem, …BUT!

The Bad About Termites — Problems begin when termites start eating your house! Termites can’t tell the difference between a dead tree limb and a wall stud in your home. Knowing which kind of termite you have is important because different species require very different control measures.

There are four species of termites found the United States. Maybe the information below will help narrow down which species you have. Other identification information is located throughout TermiteMD.com

About Termites and where the different species live

  1. Sub-subterranean Termites are found from Ontario southward and from the eastern United States seaboard as far west as Mexico, Arizona, and Utah. Western subterranean termites are found along the Pacific Coast to western Mexico and east into Idaho and Nevada.
  2. Formosan Termites are the most destructive termite species. Found in the Gulf Coast states along the eastern seaboard north to North Carolina and in Tennessee, California, and Hawaii.
  3. Dry wood Termites are found primarily in the southern United States.
  4. Damp wood Termites are found in the states west of the Rocky Mountains, South Florida, and the Caribbean.

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