DIY Termidor SC Termite Treatment

DIY Liquid Termidor Treatment

What you Should Know

DIY Liquid Termidor SC Termite Treatment toolsComplete Step-by-Step instructions to guide you through an Eastern Subterranean Termidor SC termite treatment. If you can mow your own yard or wash your own car, you should have no trouble being able to do this treatment. Let Fipronil, the product’s active ingredient do all the work.

Getting Ready

  1. Measure the distance around your foundation wall. example, across the front, might be 60 feet, down each side might be 30 feet each side and across the back another 60 feet. Total your measurement 60 +30+30+60=180; so you have 180 treatable Linear feet – This number tells you how much product you need. Always apply the correct amount of product.
  2. Each 60 ft. section of foundation wall requires one 20-oz bottle of Termidor. (So in the example in step one above of 180 Ln. Ft would require 3 bottles of Termidor to do the job.)
  3. Once you have your Termidor  you will need a clean 5-gallon bucket for the DIY Liquid Termite Treatment and a mattock grubbing type hoe (Lowe’s carries both items if you don’t already have them.)

Let’s Begin

  1. To begin your DIY Liquid Termite Treatment, You must dig a trench, 4 to 6 inches wide and 4 to 6 inches deep, at the base of your foundation wall all the way around your structure. Leave the dirt right there, just outside the trench. You will need to put the excavated dirt back in the trench after the Termidor SC is applied.
  2. (OPTIONAL STEP) If you have a cement patio around your back door or a porch across the front, a professional would drill down using a hammer drill as close as possible (suggest 4-6 inches so you will miss drilling into the footer. And no more than 1 foot away from the foundation wall at intervals of 12 inches. If you decide to do this step, I would suggest using a 3/8  inch mortar drill bit. A 3/8 inch hole provides plenty of room to apply the chemical and is easier to patch with a dab of mortar than a larger hole.
    The Reason for this drilling
    is to allow you to put approx 1 quart of finished Termidor into each hole. Since you can’t trench the dirt with concrete over it you need to drill the holes to deliver the Fipronil to the dirt under the slab.
  3. If you decide to leave out step 2, just trench around the patio and apply Fipronil into the open trench. Be sure to add the Ln. Ft. measurement to your total as you figure how much Termidor you will need.


  1. (TRICK) Divide each 10 ft. section of the trench using an old roof shingle or anything that will dam up the trench, so you will get an even treatment application.
  2. Pour 3.3 ounces of Termidor into your bucket and add 4 gallons of water and stir well.
  3. Pour the 4 gallons into your trench and kick the dirt back in as you pour. This should mix the dirt and chemical together giving you a 4 to 6 inch deep, 4 to 6-inch wide treatment zone. Sub-subterranean termite forage in the top ten inches of the soil so this will assure termite contact the treated soil and begin spreading the effect throughout their colony.

How Termidor SC works

Termidor was introduced in 2000. Counting the years it was tested before releasing a treatment with Termidor SC> It should last from 15 to 20 years. After treatment, it can take 8 weeks up to 3 months to eradicate the colony. During this time sub-termites could still do some light feeding. This is normal and should cause no alarm. It usually takes around 8 days for a termite individual to contact the Fipronil and die. During that time this termite infects other termites and they have their 8-day turn at spreading the effect. Termidor SC’s Domino effect travels through the colony until it’s eliminated. As the colony slowly dies out the surviving termites will try to feed until no termites are left.

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32 Comments on DIY Termidor SC Termite Treatment

  1. I have had my home treated by a pest control company that I won’t mention, but I’ll give you a hint their name has the first four letters of the word termite. They recommended to treat the soil and tenting of our home. Approx 10k later and a warranty that as long as I signed a contract and paid them a monthly fee, if I were to have termites in the future they would treat for free. Well a while after their treatment I noticed termite drippings in my attic. I felt relieved knowing that I was covered due to the monthly fee I was paying. I called the company and they sent an employee to conduct an inspection. To my surprise and disbelief, they fool told me that he saw no evidence of infestation. I showed him the drippings and he said that those were from my first inspection before treatment was performed. All my monthly payments for protection against future infestation went flushed down the toilet.
    I then discovered Termidor SC. I purchase enough to treat the exterior soil of my home and garage. That was approximately 3 years ago and now I just observed that the crawlspace of my home and the 2×4’s inside of garage have major termite damage.
    Why did Termidor Sc not perform for more than 3 years?
    Oh and I stopped paying for that monthly fake insurance/ warranty. Those clowns continuously call me to sell me that lie again. I immediately just hang update on then without saying a word to then.


    • I have never heard the word “drippings” used to describe the presence of Termites. If you meant Termite tubes or tunnels Georgia and Alabama both have a termite treatment process that includes scraping off old termite tunnels. This helps future inspectors when they do your annual inspection. If you have fresh tunnels there most likely is a termite infestation going on.

      If you are still unhappy, you could contact your state’s Ag Dept. for a consumer biased opinion. If you have termites the second time after treatment, the State has the authority to call for and enforce a new treatment as long as your insurance is paid for.

      Annual inspections are recommended as termites can appear at any time. Anytime you deal with a Termite company, keep in mind they answer to your states governing body and must do all the procedures outlined in detail in their rules and regulations when performing a termite treatment.

      If you followed the application directions on the bottle of Termidor you should not have had a reoccurrence of Termites. You may have some special circumstance that you omitted in your post.

      I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but I don’t doubt that you did. Most returning termites are dues to misuse of the product or failure to complete the job properly.

      Not all states have stringent requirements for inspectors but most do. You didn’t mention what State you were from. I would love to drop by and see all the relevant information for myself, so I could help you better.

      I hope you have a better day tomorrow. Good luck.

  2. My house had a subterranean termite swarm recently. Termites ate through lower window frame and came in the house. In addition to an exterior termidor trench around the house, the inspector said his company would spray the entire crawlspace with termidor. Can termidor be used as a spray too?

    • Sorry to hear about your Termite problem ART.Yes, Termidor can be used in limited cases as a spray. I spray my concrete areas each year for ANTS. Once per year is all it takes and this will be the third year in a row. As of yet I haven’t seen an ant in my yard even when doing yard work. We live in South eastern Georgia and ants are a huge problem here so yes Termidor works on social insects too.

      Termites, Carpenter Ants, Crazy Ants, Argentine Ants and other ant species including crazy rasberry ants (please see the label). Also labeled as an outside perimeter pest control treatment only for the following pests: Asian Beetles, Boxelder Bugs, Pill Bugs, Centipedes, Cockroaches (Australian, Oriental, Smokey Brown), Crickets, Earwigs, Cluster Flies, Millipedes, Silverfish, Spiders, Brown Dog Ticks, Paper Wasps, and Yellow Jackets
      * Note: Termidor is Not a Knockdown product for Wasps and Yellow Jackets,

      Outdoor Use Only
      Indoor Spraying is Limited to Spot Treatments for Live Termite Infestations
      * Can NOT be Used Indoors for Ant or Insect Control
      * See label for complete application instructions

      Your inspector probably meant “Treat” the crawl space instead of “spray” the crawl space. You could ask him if they intend to trench the foundation wall and around the piers?

      Hope that helps, thank you for your question. Mike Dukes, TermiteMD

  3. Hello.

    Although everyone probably says this, I am in a very unique situation. I will try to explain the details as best as possible.

    I have a 30 year old wood home that is approximately 1100 square feet. Half of the home has a crawl space while the other half is on a concrete slab. Two sides of the home (the ones that are closest to the ground) have active termites.

    Before finding termites I was working to install a french drain around the foundation footer. The trench has already been dug and I have purchased all of the necessary materials.

    At this point, how should I proceed? The drain is necessary as water runoff has become a serious issue. The water gets to the house and has nowhere to go except indoors. I also realize that the termites are a serious problem as well. Is there way I can apply Termidor around the perimeter of my home (the same place the french drain will be installed)? I would hate for the drain to do what it’s supposed to do and drain all of the Termidor away. I have had three pest control companies come out and each of them give me different answers to this question. None of them were confident in their answers.

    Also, the instructions on this site for DIY Termidor Treatment do not mention applying the Termidor to the perimeter of the home inside of the crawl space. Isn’t this also a very important step that shouldn’t be overlooked? Is applying only to the outside perimeter really all that needs to be done?

    Thank you in advance for all of your opinions and advice.

    • Hello Jason,

      You do have a difficult situation alright. I would love to actually see the situation and the lay of the land. You can’t use the same trench for the drain ad for the Termidor. If that what’s you are asking. The Termidor would bind with the soil when it drys, but continuing water flow would wash the treated soil away eventually.

      If a termite company does your crawl space they would trench underneath. Since you are the contractor, you can choose. f you have termites showing up in the crawl space you should trench and treat there. Putting as much Termidor in the ground around and underneath your home improves the speed in getting rid of the termites. Both options will work, Trenching underneath and outside would mean faster control, but both options will work will work. Remember Termidor is not an old fashion barrier. It is more like contact bait. Once the termite has it on him, he will spread the sickness throughout the colony and they will all die.

  4. My question is, is their a down fall to not drilling holes on a patio? Do I just dig a trench around the patio and am I supposed to drill holes in the garage as well? I’d I do decide to drill holes do I rush cracking the cement? I am hoping just the trench is good enough.

  5. I recently brushed leaves off of my roof and noticed what looked like termites scrambling around, and then going under the shingles. Can I apply Thermidor on the roof?

    • If you subterranean termites call and exterminator for on site advice. It is no common to have subterranean termites in a roof, but it happens. You have to treat the source. Find the tube they are entering from and treat with Termidor SC.

  6. The garage was turned into a bedroom 35yrs ago. Swarming termites just came out of the corner where the house and garage connect,on the garage side, towards the top near the ceiling. Does that mean my bedroom is infested? Will the outdoor treatment work? Do I need to tear my bedroom out? Help please?

    • The exterior treatment will eventually work in most cases, but I would prefer a professional doing a spot treatment in the infected garage, Then you can trench the rest of the house using Termidor SC.

  7. Hi Mike,

    For Termidor SC, can you (in stead of digging a trench 6 in by 6 in around the foundation) drill 2 in holes with an auger and pour Termidor SC solutions in it, as you do when you have concrete slabs or patio? (if so, how deep should the holes be)? Is this any different than the “injection” tools used by professional pest control companies?

    Many thanks!

    • I’ve never heard of someone doing that. Termidor SC is guaranteed to work when directions are followed. I don’t understand your reasoning and there is no guaranty it will work. Do it at your own risk.

  8. hello. i did this treatment about 3 yrs ago, myself and 3 daughters. dug a trench around all permimeter and back dregged as well, also had someone go under the house as it is on cement block foundation, and trench around the block walls asmapossible. owever, this house is on the beach in meexico. it is over 50 years old, build allllllll wood!! inside and out..ALL wood, (including the curtain roods, door knobs, floors, walls, ceiling, etc. took over caring for the house when dad passed away but with little to no help or money. the house has termites, inside and out. i treat them as i see them, as i can. using termidor foam inside and pretreating all new wood repairs first, but at the time, didnt know about much and used a wood treatment from HDepot which now i dont think worked very well and it was green! or clear. the termites are winning now and i am sick hearted. the heavy varnish my father used seemed to protect for a long time, but i am finding now they are eating from the inside out and underside. the tenting options in mex are not good. should i re trench, and now i want to use bora care on new wood, and as i replace wood but do you have ANY other suggestions for someone who loves their fathers home, (he build him self, but not a contractor) with so many wonderful child hood memories and who wants to save it but on limited money and help. thank you so much!!!!

    • Shswna,

      Terribly sorry about your Dad’s home. Retrench the home and Use Termidor SC. I don’t know what you used the first time. Treating new wood with BoraCare is also a good idea. Is the home directly on beach sand? If so double the perscribed amount of termidor. Good luck and God bless.

    • In a perfect world, the crawl space wall should be trenched from underneath and treated with Termidor. ( At least in the area of infestation. If the crawl space is too low or you can’t do it. Hire a termite company. BUT research has proven that Termidor can eliminate the infestation by trenching around the structure, It will just take longer. If you can afford to have the structure treated, maybe you should. Usually there are circumstances that contribute to this type of infestation and these conducive conditions should also be addressed and corrected.

      If you care to give me more details, I would be willing to hear them.

      • I have contacted an exterminator and they all said they will just use sentricon bait system. From what I read that is useless in my situation. I can get in and trench a small section Under the crawlspace.

        • If you can trench in the area where the termites are it might just work. You should consider that the termites may be in more than one place, maybe not discovered yet. I recommend you trench the entire outside foundation wall and spot treat the crawl space with Termidor SC. Good luck.

    • Dogs and pests are safe as well as humans when chemical products are dry, (4 to 6 hours recommended) and of course you are not spraying the Termidor you are treating the trench you dug and covering it back up. Put your pets up when you treat. Termidor is one of the least toxic products pest control companies use.

  9. Hi Mike,

    I have a deck 20×30 feet, which prevent me from trenching directly under it; will trenching around it, at the edge good enough? Will it require more Termidor.


    • Yes you may trench around the deck, f that is the only way. Getting Termidor in the ground as much as possible around your structure will increase termite foraging encounters, which will kill the colony when the foragers return home.

  10. My question would be do I complete the diy treatment first then go back and make my repairs . How would I know how long to wait for repairs if not .

    • Make sure your termite treatment is done correctly, then make repairs. You don’t have to wait, but do not disturb your termite treatment. If you do just re-apply in that area.

  11. Mr. Dukes,

    Thank you for a very informative article about the use of Termidor SC for DIY termite control. I find it refreshing to read a positive opinion about a DIY approach to dealing with this universal problem. I have enormous respect for the product as it performed beyond my wildest expectations this past summer as I fended off an invasion of Ants the size of which I had never experienced. Nothing I bought from the box-hardware stores worked and so I researched online and discovered Termidor SC. I purchased a bottle and a pump sprayer, then closely read the instructions on application for ant control. The very next day the invasion had turned into a vanishing act as we have since not seen another Ant indoors since.
    So when my landlord asked me for help dealing with the damage to his home resulting from Termites, I began researching the topic to discover my Termidor SC is THE go-to product that professionals use! Your article explaining the trench method explains how to apply the product, of which I have the utmost confidence. Nice job, and thank you!

    Pat Minns
    Orange, Ca

    • Thank you for your kind words and I am pleased to know Termidor did the job for you. I have treated my yard for ants, using Termidor each summer for the past two years and I won’t waste my time with anything else.

      Mike Dukes


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