DIY Pest Control vs Hiring Pros

DIY Pest Control vs PCO

DIY pest control

DIY Pest Control or Hiring A Professional Pest Company

Pest Control Operators (PCOs) are scratching their heads trying to figure out whether or not DIY pest control will hurt their businesses.  I’m sure they know most homeowners could and would do their own pest control if someone showed them how. Since most of us don’t have a money tree in our back yard, we need to save here and there. Welcome to the world of DIY pest control, where you can save up to 70% a month over hiring a professional exterminator. Remember the famous words of advice from Earnest P. Worrell, “Money don’t grow on trees, Vern, know what I mean?”

DIY Pest Control

The portion of society that uses PCO services is about 20%, with the rest of the 80% doing some form of DIY pest control using grocery store or hardware store products like Raid.  With the middle class shrinking in this economy there are fewer of us able to afford PCOs. DIY Pest Control Stores are a rising convenience for the 80% who would like to use full strength professional pest control products. Most DIY Pest Control Stores provide product recommendations, how to mix and use directions, and the convenience of getting started today using the same professional strength pest control products the pros use.

Some states, like California and New York  have banned homeowner use of some of these products; but most states consider these products to be safe for homeowner use if product labels are read, understood and followed. Restricted products are not offered at our store, but since 1983 I have never needed a restricted product to solve a home pest control problem, except for fumigation with is rarely needed, and never needed for DIY home pest control.

We’ll Always Need the Pest Professionals

We’ll always need the pest control professional, just not for every little job. There are some pest control jobs better left to the professionals, but common home pest control can be performed by most any home owner using professional strength pest control products to get professional results. Do it yourself pest control does cost money, but usually you can perform the same services for about 70% less, or for less that $5.00 a month.

Look for a DIY Pest Control store located near you and if you don’t have one, you can order your products online from a reputable website.

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