Curbing pests: What you should know about termite species

What you should know about Curbing Pests and certain Termite Species

Curbing Pests - Dampwood termites love moisture.Curbing Pests – Termites are the group of cellulose eating insects. Termites are not closely related to ants but sometimes they referred to as white ants. According to phylogenetic research the closest relative to the termite is the cockroach because of this reason usually termites are placed in the order dictyoptera. There are different kinds of termites so it’s very important to know which exact type of termite you are dealing with.

There are different eradication methods for different types of termite. This happens because of the different ways in which the termites infest and where they live and build their colonies. Some termites live deep down in the soil around your house while some live in wood. Termites usually throng in the summer, spring and autumn season. During the throng they send out so many winged, males and female that will reproduce, after doing away with their wings they develop the new colonies.

Mainly there are three types of termites in the US.

Dampwood termites

Curbing Pests – Dampwood termites are the least devastating amount the all. These are the least harmful and least likely to infest your home. Dampwood termites eat damp and rotten wood moisture in very essential for their survival. Usually dampwood termites are found in wood piles outside the home and in roof shingles. Due to plumbing leaks dampwoods may be found under sinks in wet cabinet wood. You can easily get rid of these termites by simply following these preventive measures moving all sources of wood and rotten paper from your home. Make sure that your gutters, siding and roofing are maintained because they will help prevent any moisture buildup which would attract the dampwood termites. Always remember to fix any plumbing leaks because they also attract the dampwood termites. These are all the preventive measures but if you already have colonies of dampwood termites so you may a need pest control service. Nowadays there are many environment friendly pest control services are available which you can easily use in your home without having any negative impact.

Drywood Termites

Curbing Pests – Drywood termites are the most devastating among the species, especially in Florida drywood termites are known to be severely destructive. Drywood termites usually nest in the wood and the only solution to get rid of these is fumigation. Signs of drywood termites include tiny fecal droppings look like small sand piles all over your house, particularly around wood and in windowsills.

Subterranean Termites (Formosans included)

Curbing Pests – Subterranean termites are the most devastating and very difficult to get rid of. Subterranean termites work very quickly in large colonies. Subterranean termites are social pests that live in colonies within the soil that’s why they are named as subterranean termite. Each year subterranean termites cause billion dollar damage. These termites attack the wooden elements of homes, businesses and warehouses built by humans. It’s really hard to notice the presence of these termites as their activity is shrouded behind wall-boards and wood trim. Subterranean termites live in three castes: a king, a queen and workers. These termites build mud tubes in the soil by which they can travel to and from the soil to the wood inside your home. These termites usually stay ravenous so even they can eat paper and fiber-board. Baiting process is the only way through which you can get rid of these termites. It’s a time taking process but it works. In order to get rid of these termites you can also adopt some preventive measures such as always planning before construction. Make sure that the soil grade slopes away from the structure in all directions. Existing houses may need remedial installation of drain lines. Make sure that all the soil filled stuff like porches and patios are slope away from the house.

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