Cost of Termite Damage Repair

termite damage repair

termite damage repair costWhen termites are discovered repairs may have to be made on top of the termite treatment cost.

Small jobs, Wood trim, baseboard repairs etc.

According to HomeWyse, -“If you have termites expect to pay for termite damage repair in the high-end of the $290.14 – $318.96 per structure range for a licensed, bonded and insured contractor and for complex or rush projects expect to pay more. Hire carefully, only after verifying prior work quality.

For the best value on Termite Damage Repair: combine related projects; get bids from several professionals; and be flexible about project scheduling

This Damage Repair cost estimate is calculated from average material costs, unit labor productivity rates and national average hourly labor wages.”-

These price estimates may work for very small jobs.

Larger Termite Damage Repair Jobs

When homeowners decide they want a $9.00 wall stud replaced in a wall, you also have to factor the cost of removing the sheet rock to get to the stud. Sheet-rock work most often requires more than one trip,  then there is the painting, etc. It can cost more that it’s worth to make small structural repairs. Very particular people will gladly shoulder the expense to get at the damage. I’ve been doing termite repair for over ten years and there are so many hidden problems, it’s hard to make an accurate assessment because you most often can’t see all the damage. I’ve seen repair of termite damage bills as high as $125,000 in an extreme case. Usually when termites damage the structural integrity of a crawl space home, by damaging sills and floor joists you are looking at around $100 per foot on support sills and up to $100 for joist replacement.

Hiring a contractor with prior experience doing insect damage repair is preferred and your up front estimate should be more accurate. Repairs are then made to code, because they know what the post damage repair inspection will require.

Structural Soundness

On homes with a crawl space, the outside sills, floor joists and flooring sometimes have to be replaced and this is a real job. Think about cutting out and removing a section of support sill that the weight of the house has been resting upon. Then crawling underneath it and working over your head while laying on your back. You better know what you are doing!! An you’ll want to be paid well to do it!!

So if you are looking for accurate insect damage repair costs you’ll have to get estimates ( 3, if you can find that many companies that specialize in damage repair). Remember each job will be different and every contractor has a different opinion of what the job entails.

After your home has been treated to prevent further damage you’ll need to see about termite damage repair. Waiting for termite damage to appear means you get two bills, one for the treatment and one for damage repair. I suggest you do a preventative termite treatment and at least you’ll save the damage repair bill.

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4 Comments on Cost of Termite Damage Repair

  1. It is extremely difficult to find contractors in Northern New Jersey who can repair this sill damage. Terminix through a subcontractor gave me a low quote but won’t let me speak to their our-sourced contractoe. Another carpenter gave me a quote but months have gone by., he just keeps putting me off.

    Can you recommend any database in the NYC Metro area of people who specialize in this matter?


    • Sorry, I don’t know any termite repair contractors in your area. If you live in an area where you have no Termite Damage repair companies, you may have to seek the services of a carpenter. A carpenter often finds it necessary to remove the flooring and do the job standing up. That means the extra cost of floor replacement. It is best to have someone experieiced in Termite Damage repair, or that at least familiar with the habits of termites.

      Thanks for asking…Mike Dukes


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