Control Dampwood Termites

Dampwood termites love moisture.

Dampwood termites do not require soil to wood contact, but the wood they infest has to be wet or damp. Usually found around leaky pipes or leaks in the roof or around windows and doors. As they excavate their tunnels and feed they leave fecal pellets in their tunnels. If you find fecal pellets inside termite tunnels in damp or wet wood you may have an infestation of Dampwood termites.

Damp Wood Termites
Neotermes jouteli (Banks) alate and alates of two drywood termite species found in Florida, Incisitermes snyderi and Cryptotermes brevis. Photograph by Rudolf H. Scheffrahn, University of Florida.

The most effective methods for controlling Dampwood termites is to remove the moisture from the wood, by fixing the plumbing leaks or sealing the hole water is entering in, then removing and replacing the infested or damaged wood.

Florida Dampwood termites

*Neotermes is a diverse genus of nearly 100 species that live mostly in the world’s tropical areas. Species ofNeotermes are the largest termites in the eastern United States. In the eastern U.S., they are found only in Florida. Unlike colonies of structure-infesting drywood termites (e.g. Cryptotermes and Incisitermes), Neotermes colonies require higher humidity and regular contact with free water, and unlike subterranean termites, they do not forage in the soil.

Florida Dampwoods have peak flights, swarms, in the late fall or early winter. Flights occur at dusk or at night.

So in most cases further control measures using chemical products is not necessary.

*Read about the Florida Drywood Termite – University of Florida artical.

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