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Florida Tree Termites Back

May 18, 2013 Mike Dukes 0

An Infestation of Nasutitermes costalis, cone head or tree termites, was found in Florida back in 2001 and thought to have been eradicated by 2003. Unknown to pest control authorities this tree termite incubated in a nearby area and has risen again. […]

About Termites

Termite Swarm

March 2, 2013 Mike Dukes 0

Termite Swarm Report – What Triggers a Termite Swarm – PCT Pest Control Technology Magazine did a lengthy study to determine termite swarm dates. […]

termite damage repair
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Cost of Termite Damage Repair

February 9, 2013 Mike Dukes 4

For the best value on Termite Damage Repair: combine related projects; get bids from several pros; and be flexible about project scheduling. When homeowners decide they want a $9.00 wall stud replaced in a wall, you also have to figure in the sheet-rock work, painting, etc. […]

Hiring a termite Company
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Pictures of Termites Working hard

July 31, 2012 Mike Dukes 3

See pictures of termites, pictures of termite damage, pictures of signs of termites. Learn to identify termites, recognize termite damage and see evidence that termites leave behind for you can recognize a termite infestation. […]

Synthetic Stucco outer covering
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Synthetic Stucco and Termites

March 22, 2012 Mike Dukes 0

Synthetic Stucco and Termites by Mike Dukes editor Synthetic Stucco or EIFS, are multi-layered exterior wall systems used on both commercial buildings and residential homes. These systems are usually comprised of five layers: an exterior […]

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