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drywood termites
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Drywood Termites Battle Plan

June 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Drywood Termites can cause damage too by Terri Bacchetti of Dustin Pest Control specializes in pest control in Fresno, California. Twitter, Facebook, Summer with its sunny days is the perfect time to go to the […]

termite fraud
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Termite Fraud Company Practices

January 14, 2015 Mike Dukes 0

Recently Termite Fraud has come to the fore-front. Termite Company Fraud seems to be running rampant in the Termite Industry says Attorney Tom Campbell. […]

Louisiana termites
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Louisiana Termites

May 24, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

As spring approaches, our attention here in southern Louisiana turns to those unwanted spring guests – termites. Louisiana suffers more than it’s fair share […]

DIY Pest Control vs PCO
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DIY Pest Control vs Hiring Pros

May 2, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

DIY Pest Control or Hire a pro – 20% of homeowners use PCOs. Now the rest of us are beginning to use the same pro products PCOs use to DIY pest control. […]

DIY Liquid Termidor Treatment
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DIY Termidor SC Termite Treatment

February 21, 2014 Mike Dukes 32

Step-by-step instructions on how to achieve professional results when you do a chemical “do it yourself termite treatment” using professional pest control products, same as the pros use. […]

diy-pest control news
Termite News

DIY Pest Control News

June 14, 2013 Mike Dukes 0

Pest Control News – DIY Pest Control News from our sister site Pest MD where you can learn how to Do it Yourself Pest Control for your own home or business. […]

Termite News

Termite Company Proof of Insurance

May 18, 2013 Mike Dukes 1

Ask for proof of Insurance – Such a simple question, yet many of us overlook the obvious. Is my termite company insured? An UN-injured worker on your property could end up suing you for injuries, loss of wadges, future wadges, etc. I think you get the idea. […]

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