Tips on lowering the odds of termite infestations.

home termite inspection
Termite Prevention

How to DIY Home Termite Inspection

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

How To Do A Home Termite Inspection This post covers in the entire home for Termite inspections. These are professional tips and are meant to help you understand where you should look for termites. If […]

drywood termite
Termite Prevention

5 Signs You Need Drywood Termite Control Now

May 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Dustin Pest Control, based in Fresno, California, provides termite control for residential and commercial customers. When Drywood termites move into your home, you may not actually see them because they often live inside wood or […]

termite control
Termite Prevention

Termite Control Ins and Outs

November 14, 2013 Mike Dukes 0

Termite Control is sometimes needed, in some US climates more than others, because termites are more than a nuisance, termites can cause costly structure damage […]

About Termites

Termite Swarm

March 2, 2013 Mike Dukes 0

Termite Swarm Report – What Triggers a Termite Swarm – PCT Pest Control Technology Magazine did a lengthy study to determine termite swarm dates. […]

conducive-conditions-Wood to ground
Termite Prevention

Conditions Conducive to Termite Infestation

March 11, 2012 Mike Dukes 0

Things you can do in and around your structure to reduce the possibility of termite infestation. Eliminate conditions conducive to termite infestations. Learn what these conditions are. […]

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