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termite treatment cost
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Best Pro Termite Treatment Cost

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

It should cost less to treat your home than it does to paint it. If it doesn’t, your painter is working too cheap or your termite company is charging too much. […]

the best termite company
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Always Hire the Best Termite Company

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Having a termite company hassle is just not worth the seemingly best upfront deal, ask questions, be ready. Know your company, at least a little, before signing on the dotted line. […]

drywood termites
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Drywood Termites Battle Plan

June 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Drywood Termites can cause damage too by Terri Bacchetti of Dustin Pest Control specializes in pest control in Fresno, California. Twitter, Facebook, Summer with its sunny days is the perfect time to go to the […]

rid your house of termites
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You can Rid your house of termites Naturally

May 26, 2016 Guest Author 0

Termites areone of the most common pest related problem that estimated to do a damage of more than $5 billion per year in the United States only.It is also known as a “silent destroyer” as it can cause extensive damage to your property without making themselves visible […]

Termite Facts - Things you should know
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Termite Facts: Things you should know

August 30, 2015 Guest Author 1

We all agree that termites are something we don’t want in our homes. Termites in your home causes Billions in damage repairs. You should know these things about termites. […]

Louisiana termites
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Louisiana Termites

May 24, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

As spring approaches, our attention here in southern Louisiana turns to those unwanted spring guests – termites. Louisiana suffers more than it’s fair share […]

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Insight Termite Info-graphic

April 4, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

Termite information in graphics you can read through in less than 3 minutes. Gain insight about signs of termites, common termite questions, fact or fiction. […]

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