Best DIY Termite Treatment Cost Guide

DIY Termite Treatment Costs

DIY termite treatment cost

With fraud and poor treatments running rampant I want to know my treatment is done right! If I want to treat my house to get rid of a termite infestation or to prevent a termite infestation; what is the diy termite treatment cost? I’ve searched the Internet and found tons of information, but only about termite companies treatment costs. I’m a new homeowner and don’t have a lot of money or any equipment, so I’m going from scratch. Help.

If this is you, here’s the answer to your termite question.

First make sure you have subterranean termites. You could inspect home using my inspection formula, or call in a pro to see if they can find termites. If you don’t find termites you may still want to treat for prevention.

DIY Termite Treatment Cost

The most expensive treatment component is the termiticide, and there is only one to choose from, Termidor SC is the only termiticide labeled fro a perimeter termite treatment. You can purchase it on the Internet. See complete instructions on how to do the treatment here.

diy termite treatment cost
Termidor SC

Be aware that you have no guarantee and no recourse should your treatment fail and you choose to DIY. Termidor SC is a professional product meant for professional termite treatment companies. It is legal in most states to treat your home yourself, but not all states allow the use of Termidor SC, by homeowners or the sale into their state by an unlicensed individual. Check with your state’s agriculture department and with your local authorities befor ordering your Termidor SC. States not allowing sale into their state are CT, NY, SC, MA, IN, WA. Some cities and local governments will not allow the use of Termidor SC even on their own property, so check with local authorities before ordering. Termidor SC does not require the use of any personal safety equipment, other than what is listed on the product label.

  1. Trenching tool (Called a mattock) usually a the hardware of big box store for around $25.00.
  2. Five gallon plastic bucket, usually a the hardware of big box store for around $4.00.
  3. A throw-away measuring cup. (est. $3.00)
  4. Proper amount of termiticide. (depends of the size of your home or structure), est, between $200 and $400 for an average size home.

You must make the treatment according to the directions on the label, Follow them and my giude on treatmment to insure you get professional result and lower your diy termite treatment cost.

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