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termite fraud
Termite News

Termite Fraud Company Practices

January 14, 2015 Mike Dukes 0

Recently Termite Fraud has come to the fore-front. Termite Company Fraud seems to be running rampant in the Termite Industry says Attorney Tom Campbell. […]

Louisiana termites
About Termites

Louisiana Termites

May 24, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

As spring approaches, our attention here in southern Louisiana turns to those unwanted spring guests – termites. Louisiana suffers more than it’s fair share […]

DIY Pest Control vs PCO
Termite News

DIY Pest Control vs Hiring Pros

May 2, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

DIY Pest Control or Hire a pro – 20% of homeowners use PCOs. Now the rest of us are beginning to use the same pro products PCOs use to DIY pest control. […]

Tengard SFR termite treatments
Product Reviews

Tengard SFR – Product Review

April 21, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

Tengard SFR is perfect for treating monolithic slabs, on-grade slabs and solid support peirs. Many back yard buildings are built with these foundations. […]

carpenter ants
Other Wood Destroyers

Carpenter Ants Immediate Control

April 13, 2014 Mike Dukes 0

Carpenter ants damage wood by excavating galleries in wood. Wood damaged by carpenter ants contains no mud, as is the case with subterranean termites. […]

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