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termite treatment
Termite News

Best DIY Termite Treatment Options

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 1

DIY Liquid Treatment Step-by-Step Directions. There are certainly more treatment options available, but these are the most commonly used by professionals. […]

termite treatment cost
About Termites

Best Pro Termite Treatment Cost

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

It should cost less to treat your home than it does to paint it. If it doesn’t, your painter is working too cheap or your termite company is charging too much. […]

the best termite company
About Termites

Always Hire the Best Termite Company

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Having a termite company hassle is just not worth the seemingly best upfront deal, ask questions, be ready. Know your company, at least a little, before signing on the dotted line. […]

termite treatment guarantees
Termite News

Home Termite Treatment Guarantees Differ

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Truth about Termite Treatment Guarantees When shopping for termite treatment guarantees you should pay close attention to the types of treatment guarantees each termite company is offering. When you are talking to a termite inspector/sales […]

home termite inspection
Termite Prevention

How to DIY Home Termite Inspection

October 29, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

How To Do A Home Termite Inspection This post covers in the entire home for Termite inspections. These are professional tips and are meant to help you understand where you should look for termites. If […]

drywood termites
About Termites

Drywood Termites Battle Plan

June 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Drywood Termites can cause damage too by Terri Bacchetti of Dustin Pest Control specializes in pest control in Fresno, California. Twitter, Facebook, Summer with its sunny days is the perfect time to go to the […]

drywood termite
Termite Prevention

5 Signs You Need Drywood Termite Control Now

May 9, 2016 Mike Dukes 0

Dustin Pest Control, based in Fresno, California, provides termite control for residential and commercial customers. When Drywood termites move into your home, you may not actually see them because they often live inside wood or […]

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