4 Tips for Dealing with Termites in your Warehouse

4 Tips for Dealing with Termites in your Warehouse

Termites in your Warehouse

by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

If you own a business warehouse, you know that some days maintenance can make it seem like your building is a money pit. From the roof to flooring and leaking, warehouse upkeep can be a big drain on your businesses finances. The expected maintenance costs are enough to make you wince, but unforeseen building and product damage can really blow your budget report. If you suspect Termites in your Warehouse, read this.

Take for example a liquor delivery company that recently found out it had a termite infestation. Apart from the cost of hiring exterminators and repairmen, the company had to consider the possibility of losing business earnings from closing the warehouse and ceasing all related activities for a period. Luckily this business had made some plans for such an emergency situations, with specially designed storage areas in the warehouse, conveniently located near the loading docks, that were steel re-enforced and able to be stocked with their most popular products. This allowed the business to carry on a good part of their business while the warehouse went through inspection and repairs. The only real-time that they lost was during the actual fumigation period, which they ensured was scheduled during their normally slow period.

Unfortunately, most companies are unprepared and stand to lose quite a bit of revenue, so how does one make lemons into lemonade? First, be ready. It’s not likely your business will make very much revenue during a termite infestation (unless you are termite exterminators yourselves) but by following these tips you will be able to mitigate monetary loss.

Know Common Signs of Termites in your Warehouse

They say knowledge is power but in this case knowledge = savings. If you just take the time to do a self-check once a month and educate yourself on common termite damage signs you could see thousands of dollars in savings, just by catching it early. See signs of termite infestation.

Confirm Termites Before Hiring an Exterminator

This seems intuitive, but it’s a little like the girl who cried wolf – but had never actually seen a wolf before. You can confirm termites by hiring an inspector or by reading a little on termite inspections and control, further educating yourself on termites so that you can be 100% sure. Don’t wait, get an inspector in at the first sign of infestation.

Invest in Prevention Plans

Prevention really is the best thing you can do to save yourself from an infestation. Sure, it may seem like you are spending more money on a problem that you only might have, but if you don’t like the thought of getting a surprise receipt for thousands of dollars, then prevention plans will help you sleep easier at night. Speak to a pest control expert and get recommendations on what you can do to actively keep termites out. Then see if it fits your budget. It’s better to treat and prevent than to repair the damage then treat. It cost twice as much the second way.

Know Your Insurance Plan before you get Termites in your Warehouse

Unfortunately, many insurance plans don’t include coverage for termites. In fact, if you don’t have a rider in your policy for your warehouse, you’re on your own. If yours does, lucky you – now go find out exactly what you can claim under it to see savings. Go through that part of the policy with a fine-tooth comb and think big picture. Paying less for the premiums that also cover less, is often not worth the risk.

Owning a business comes with many perks, but also many responsibilities so depending on the professionals is key to your success and lower stress level. Do the research, prevent potential devastating losses.

“Termites in your Warehouse”,  by Tina Mancini of Delivering Customers 

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