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by Mike Dukes editor Termite MD

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Termite MD is the most recognized and trusted brand of Termite and Pest Control information and the leading provider of termite control information services, serving consumers, termite technicians, pest professionals, and employers through our public and private online portals. The PestMD Pest Network includes PestMD.net, Termite MD, GW Exterminators, Jarrod’s Pest Control.  Our consumer portals on homeowner Pest and Termite control.

Termite MD presents the Homeowner Guide to Termite Control?

This is what a termite swarmer looks like for termite controlIf you see termites swarm inside your home or business, you most likely have an active infestation of termites and need homeowner termite control. If you see a termite tunnel on your wall or on the outside foundation wall near the base of your building, you need homeowner termite control. These termite tubes are used to shield foraging termites from natural enemies, like ants, and to keep them from being subjected to light and the sun’s ultra-violet rays, which is as deadly as ants. So now you know termites work in the dark, so how do I look for them? I’ll tell you where to look for signs that you have termites on the termite inspection page.

Getting ready for a real estate inspection. If you are selling your home you will most likely need a termite letter for the bank or mortgage company to ensure there are no visual signs of termites, and conditions conducive to termite infestation are at a minimum.

Termite control Termite damaged wood looks like this.Termite damage is usually found when you least expect it and can be expensive for treatment and repairs. The best strategy to keep unexpected high cost down to a minimum is, to do a preventative termite control treatment before you have termites. It’s simple; you can eliminate the repair cost by doing termite control before your structure is termite infested and damaged. This strategy only works with subterranean termites and Formosan termites, it is very little you can do to prevent an infestation of dry wood or damp wood termites, fortunately, these last two are not as common as Subterranean and Formosans.

DIY Guide to Termite Control

How do termites get into a home built on a cement slab? Do It Yourself termite control treatments are mentioned here and covered in-depth in this article. Do your own DIY homeowner sub termite control and save really big money!

1. Termidor SC Liquid Treatment

Termite MD logo termite controlTermite Control Liquid Treatment – Doing your own treatment is easier to do than you might think. You can do a professional liquid termite control treatment by following these simple instructions. Using Termidor SC, a mattock (digging and grubbing tool), and a clean five-gallon bucket to achieve professional results. The secret is Termidor SC, the top termite control product used by the pros, and now you can use the same products professional pest control operators use.

2. Advance Termite Control Bait System

Termite MD logo termite controlTermite Control Bait System – How to install a completeTermite bait station - cut-a-way view for termite control homeowner termite control bait station system using this Advance Bait System Kit, a post hole digger, and a tape measure. If you want to do all you can to prevent a termite infestation; I’ll also go over conditions conducive to termite infestations, so you can breathe a little easier.

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Termite MD by Mike Dukes editor in chief Trumpville Report

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6 Comments on Termite MD – DIY Homeowner Guide to Termite Control

  1. We have a large 1903 house Victorian house. It is built on piers. We treated the perimeter with Taurus last year and are now thinking we need to do the piers. Don’t want to. First of all, do you think it is safe to go under the house and use the Taurus (do it yourself) and do you think it is necessary to treat the piers after the perimeter has been treated? Most of the crawl space is pretty good, but is only 24 inches in some places. We do have some bad spots in the heart pine floors that look like carpenter ants as far as I can tell from comparing them with pics on the Internet. Plan to put trays of boric acid and sugar under the house to get the carpenter ants. I live in Georgia also.

    • Hello Michelle,

      If you feel uncomfortable treating the piers under your home, you could get an exterminator to treat it for you. I’m sorry but you have given so little information on the location and construction of your home, All piers should be treated. Sorry I couldn’t help you more.

    • Bait cartridges are available for some bait station systems, but not all. It would help to know what System you have? Do you know the name of the company that put them in? If you do, give them a call and ask them.

      After you find out what the brand name is. Contact me and I’ll tell you where to get the cartridges and other supplies you’ll need.


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